Shoot it, Smoke it, Drink it

Volume Two

Shoot it, Smoke it, Drink it

I should have taken their bet

When they said it was meth

Don't try and tell me what to do

I'll laugh, you don't have a fucking clue

Stand there and spew your lies

with a closed mind there is no compromize

while my civil rights are victimized

"Shoot it, Smoke it, Drink it

Vodka, Rum, and Jagger

the achole makes me stronger

Blueberry, Widow, and PurpleHaze

The weed has me in a constant Daze"

Hey Pigs, Dig this

it's just a badge

not a fucking godly pass

it's my lifie my body

while it's legal to consume liquor

Drink, and Drink until your sicker

but don't dare take a puff of grass

or the law will bust your ass

it just to damn bad

I don't snap to your unjust command

"Shoot it, Smoke it, Drink it

Bacardi, Crown, and Sloger

The achole makes me stronger

Swag, Cronic, and Dro

A Weed thats bound to grow"

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Pretty Little Pain Whore's picture

I used to love shooting it (Heroin, am now on Methadone and been clean from the H for over a year), I've never liked smoking it (Weed), and I used to like drinking it (until I did my detox on Librium and got off the evil liquor). Hence, I could relate to this poem well. And the law is such a total ARSE.
Great work from you, as always.