Dream Again

Volume One





Dream Again”



I want to love again

but its been so long

I want a new life to begin

but it seems to far out of my reach


I want to close my eyes, to dream of blue skies

I want to sleep at night, to not wake up in a fright

I want to fight for something, worth living for

so I can close this chapter and move on to something more


There was once a time I could smile

and not feel it was a lie

there was once a time when I would cry

when I wasn't sad or mad

There has got to be more to all this

maybe there is a secret behind your kiss

a secret that you cannot say

but feel to this vary day


I want to close my eyes, to dream of the blue skies

I want to sleep at night, and not wake in a fright

I want to live FOR the moment once again

instead of dwelling in the past

for something that didn't even last



I wish I could love once again

even if it was for only a second.





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(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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Elfy's picture

I really like this poem,

I really like this poem, because i guess i know what your saying. I feel the same way, one day id like to close my eyes, and sleep without the bad dreams, to live, and get free of the past. Cause the past, isnt ment to be forgotten, but instead to be faded. So it doesnt hurt anymore, or bother you too much, but you still remember so if something like that were to happen again, you'd know just what to do about it. :) You'll reach your new life, in time, remember, everything worth living for, is worth the wait. ;)
Love the poem.


poetvg's picture

good work
on this one .