Happy,Sad. Whats Happining?

As I peruse the compositions posted.

I find to my amazement a time when

Youth should be jovial, fun and frolic.

That of "puppy" love, innocense, holding

hands and experiencing elateness of their

first kiss.

I discovered that the time for frivolity

and folley has passed. Youth is no longer

as we knew it. As an alternative to the

magic of maturity there is an apparent anger.

Mind and body no longer work as one.

They are growing at a seperate rate.

Sending fragmented messages to the mind.

Noted within the penned words of sorrow.

Declarations of suicide ideation.

Need we of the "boom era" vociferate

blame upon ourselves and invoke guilt

upon our ancestors?

Shall we beseech with insistency to

expose the innermost thoughts of our siblings?

How do we rectify this wrong now

that it has reached unapproachable proportions?

The delicacy of thoughts are individual

and needs to be nurtured, nourished and cuddled.

Attentiveness of our surroundings may

open yet to a new epiphany.

Ascertain, comprehend, retain positive


Encourage hopefulness without despair.

"Our Youth of Today Are Our Leaders of Tomorrow."

They carry our heritage toward momentous wonders

with each generation contributing.

Help guide these lost souls. Peruse their pleas

and encourage a path back to the living.

We all need understanding, guidance and love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for all who have children between the ages of 10 and 20 years.

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Eric Cockrell's picture

amen, and double amen... have written to several young poets who are driven to take their lives... this rage of a world hurtling out of control threatens to destroy us all. eric

Betty Lockey's picture

Hi.. sorry it took me so long to get over here to visit you.. and read your work.. I agree with you... the youth today are the leaders of tomorrow.. God help us all... I have witnessed a generation of disposable kids.. thrown out like so much garbage... (and yes there are kids who are not like that, bright and full of energy and hope,) we as adults have made a complete 180 when it comes to raising kids.. we need to regain some old fashioned virtue and morals..adults are supposed to be teachers.. but what are we teaching...( and I speak in general.. ) again.. thanks for reading my work...

Phillip Lewis-Emmer's picture

Kiss, kiss, boom, boom, you mutable Fire sign. I appreciate your visit to "fan the flame," though I like others of my own a little better, and I would hate to replace it if it would mean losing the evidence of your passing. Though I could easily reply to the sentiment you address in "Happy, Sad...," you deserve pages of reassurance and not some tiny textbox note. I think the Who had a movie with the title I'm looking for here. The mind of a "youth" today can be unnecessarily complicated by a virtual bombardment of extreme and/or conflicting information. This is usually data of which your generation's parents were either mercifully unaware, or which they elected to censor, resulting in various indulgences from the 60s through the 80s as y'all found your own ways. The role of an adult/parent these days has evolved (?) into that of a more passive "editor." You lay ground work, hope your sensibilities will shield them from the worst of it, and learn how to listen like fallible gods until they can make any logic of what's coming out of their own mouths. You can't be everywhere, or fix everything, but you can continue responding to what you bear witness.