I don't care

Female Perspective

I don't care what you think

I don't care what you want 

If you think I'm so wrong, than why are you with me?

I don't care how Small it is

I don't care I could easily do it

If it's such a small issue, than deal with it yourself

You want to have an issue with anything I do?

Too bad, get over it, you're not my dad

You're just my partner, so deal with it

When you said you loved me, it was all of me.

When you said you wanted me forever, you can't pick and choose

Either you accept me for who I am, or you keep it moving

Some might think I'm being selfish and mean

Because you try so hard while I try so little

Well that your choice, not mines, and I don't care.

I like that you care and make me feel special

I love it that you are there for me whenever

But don't you dare expect the same in return.

If you want to be you, than that's who YOU are, not me

I'm going to be myself, whether you like it or not

And in the end, if you leave, I won't care.

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Emily Gibbs's picture

that's a crazy person right there... good thign you're goign to marry me and not them lol