I'm so confused, so confused.

For some strange reason

I don't know who I am

I feellost in this world

But, really who gives a damn?

At home, I'm invisable

to almost everyone but me

I'm never ever thought of

So why be so happy?

At school, I feel so alone

I got no real friends

Maybe because no one likes me

or maybe I just don't fit in.

I may sit and daze off

Only to try and understand

This confused life I'm living

Someone help me if you can!

I live in a world of confusion

I have no clue what this world's about

One happy day shall come soon

Leading a way out....

I'm so confused, So damn confused!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written way back when... date april 12, 1997 i was really lost with myself

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ouch i have
been thru
pain like this to