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I have often heard submissive women say: "I am a sub, but I don't submit to just anyone."


Well, let me let you in on a little secret... I will dominate pretty much anyone who allows me! (This doesn't mean just anyone can be my submissive, however)


I used to have the opinion that I could not label myself a "Dom" unless someone was actively submitting to me. I felt unless my dominance was consensually agreed upon by a submissive actively submitting to me, that my "domination" would be non-consensual. But I have had a change of heart. I have now decided that if there is no one actively submitting to me, I can still be "dominant" because I have chosen to subject that control over myself.


That is very consensual!


I control and do the things I want, therefore I am dominant! It is a sort of "dominant masturbation" if you insist on naming it.


So,, woman, trans; straight, gay, bi, pan-- it makes no difference: I will dominate you--if you allow me to.


Here is why it is so easy for me: In my vision and understanding of D/s, the Dom decides what happens after the sub sets forth the parameters. Since everyone has something to offer me, if I am the one making the decisions about what those somethings are, it may not please the submissive or be their cup of tea, but if it fits within the agreed upon parameters, I will gladly dominate you if you let me!


Now, that being said, I believe the act of submission is an amazing gift for any Daddy, Dom or Master to cherish.


Yeah, I said it. I value it as an amazing gift. Here I’ll say it again:


"submission is a gift"


If you, as the submissive, don’t see it that way, then fine; but if you expect me to devalue it by not considering it as such, it means you are topping from the bottom.


By the way, there is actually nothing wrong with "topping from the bottom." It is actually how Top/bottom encounters should work.


"Dominating while submitting" is a different story. Remember, I do not expect anyone (regardless of how submissive they are) to submit to me. It’s a gift. One must not expect gifts.


For those of you who think that me considering submission as a gift is placing the sub above the Dom, I didn't do that at all. "Dominance" is a gift too. Dom and sub are equals.

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circa 2012

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