"Re: Tuesday"

by Jeph Johnson


Tammy wrote
Tuesday morning,
good morning
and wasn't sure
if I would even be up yet
but she was thinking about me
and asked me in an email:
"Are we still on for this evening?"

Tuesday Morning
in my mind
in my heart
in my soul & spirit
no switches have been clicked


Tuesday Afternoon
perhaps sometimes
to be spiritually closer
people must be
physically farther away

Tuesday Evening

WE are still ON
something like this
I am sorry but...
I cannot switch OFF


Tuesday Night
no way out
or resolution.


Either way
some sadness...


But be sure
(or pray)
the sadness
is overshadowed
by love

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Tammy, 2002 

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Jere /'s picture

i have to stop reading your poems for a little while . . .
the lyric beauty of the content is just a little too intense
as I sit here at the office busting folders. Will be back
soon to partake again of your magnificently talented verses.