"Night Sky"

by Jeph Johnson


Your eyes are
more telling
than the night sky
when zodiac constellations
drip down your cheek
I connect-the-dots
between your tears
and my fear is confirmed
How I long to fly
into space
to rearrange
the stars for you

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John Mazur's picture

Jeph, There is this Jeckle (sp?) and Hyde thing about your work. This one is clear, concise and beautiful in both word and concept. It would seem from what I have read this morn, that 3 to 4 "sentnces" and you free your muse. Often what is longer than that seems unsure and hesitant (overly complex). But this is one of the good ones! Thanks John Mazur

Nicole Poirier's picture

wow...you seem to be very in touch with your emotions...very nice!