My Pen Running Dry.

I reach up, holding my hand toward the light.
A feeling came over me, was it fright?
There was a strong urge to give up the fight.
I am tired of battling through the day and night.
With the rain and the wet, the fire won't stay lit.
Why can’t I feel the warmth from faith, what was my worst mistake?
I offer my soul with so much fight, but I keep getting denied by the light.
Here I lay, back to the ground, eyes to the stars.
I ask for forgiveness, and for you to enter my heart.
I seek your glory and the freedom that you offer.
The stars twinkle bright and there is nothing in the darkness of the night.
I walk away once again with the moon to my back and the weight still on my shoulders.

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My Pen Running Dry

Don't get discouraged, we all go through this.
Sometimes our muse is silent for awhile. But
trust me it will return more stronger than ever.
I have also been in a lull for awhile. When this
happens I do other projects, like Making chap-books
and rewriting. But I never leave my first love, my
writing. This is a God given gift, we must use it wisely,
your title "My Pen Running Dry" is a nice composition.
I feel your muse is safe and well. Keep up the nice work.

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My dearest friend

Thank you for your great and wise words.
I think i have found my path, the start maybe unbeaten and up hill.
I think the clearning is near, and I hope to be back to my old and new self soon.