Transformed By The Moonlight

The Moon starts to climb high into the sky.
My body begins to take shape;
I feel the darkness inside me trying to escape.
I began to transform under the moon light, man by day and beast by night.
All my fear slips away, hibernating deep inside, until the light of day.
Now a beast of the night, without any fear all I have is fight.
Once a man but now transformed by the moonlight, I am no longer a man but a beast of the night.

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Broken rhymes

hey man i love this style of rhyming, somtimes rhyming two or three words on the same line, then back to the orthadox end of line rhym... hehhe i'm a poet yet not many know it ;) keep it up.

this is not the end, this is not the begining of the end, this is merely the end of the begining.

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Thanks, yea not sure where i was going with this when i started.
Glad at less 1 person liked it hahah