Cascaded Light

Kissed by death, His mark craved deep in my flesh.

Every time I blink I see him standing in front of me.

Every time I take a deep breath I feel him clenching my chest.

Every time I sleep I feel his cold skinless hands dig deep.

I keep waiting for my guardian angel to be revealed.

A blazing bright light making me feel shielded.

You know that light that gleams with the brightness of the sun.

It appears with the sensation of pace, love and fearlessness; making you resilient against the world.

You feel your soul come to an ease and ready to rest.

Yes that is the light Iā€™m longing to see, but it appears to be hidden from me.

My eyes open once again, I wake with a shiver and a quiet voice whispering this is not the end.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

been a while. fixed up a old poem i found.

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's a pretty good old poem

If you find your guardian angel in a bright light, please ask him if he's seen mine. Cool poem, keep the faith! - slc



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That's for taking the time to read

Thanks for commenting