He wanted to be a cowboy,

To ride a horse,

And wear real cowboy boots.

His dreams in life were simple.

To grow up and be a cowboy

Was not asking very much.

Each night when he said his prayers,

He asked the Lord above . . . .

"Please God, let me be a cowboy,

And let me ride a horse.

But what I want most of all,

Is to wear real cowboy boots."

He never grew up to be a cowboy,

He never rode a horse.

His little feet never wore real cowboy boots.

At the early age of four,

His life abruptly ended

While riding innocently in a car.

Now each night she enters his empty room

And sees the pictures on the wall.

Cowboys and horses are hanging everywhere.

She sits upon his cowboy bed,

She sees his little face and she smiles.

Then she hears his little voice and she cries,

As she listens to his bedtime prayers.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A young child loses his life in a tragic automobile accident. Working in automobile claims for a major insurance company, this is something I see often.  Rarely do I see the reverse, where the child survies and the parents are killed.  Thus inspired the writing of this fictional poem.

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Lori Moore's picture

Powerful emotion. Your talent shines.

salphire5's picture

What a tear jerker! It is difficult to harden your heart to such sad events and just deal with the facts. I hope this poem relieved some of your burdens. Well crafted and developed, Tricia.

Melvin Lee II's picture

Definitely a poem stemmed from everyday life and work. I like how u weave the development together, tricia. one can really follow the progress.. the sudden end,...and the bittersweet ending. Smilesz. take care.