No One Cried

Always giving, never receiving

Made her a weary soul

She lived her life for others

Aways giving, never living

A life of her own

She grew so tired and weary

Her efforts seemed so futile

She no longer saw a reason

So the weary one quietly

Laid her head down and died

No one even missed her

And no one even cried

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Robert C Millar's picture

Nice Poem

Girl Of Blue's picture

Tricia this is so sad, so beautiful and so true. Thanks.

Megan Monkey's picture

Great poem!!!!!!!! keep it up..

Violet Carolina's picture

terribly sad. hope this isn't a true story. v.

Joan Khng's picture

This is sad, reading about the loneliness of giving without receiving depicted in this poem. I wrote a poem on 'the placator'... This poem reminds me of the same theme. Thanks for sharing. Joan

salphire5's picture

Hi Tricia, A touching story expressed very well. A life of humble dedication, a lonely finish to it. I shall enjoy reading more of your poetry. Thank you for reading and critiquing some of mine. F. Salphire

Christine M's picture

What a sad story and so very true. All of us feel like this at some or other stage. A very neat poem.