Embracing You



While being in love with you, there's an obsession there too. Over your face, your personality, you.

Can't say how i fell for you, it was like something that happened without me even looking, like something that just happened and then boom!

I'm here desiring you and all you are... 



Momma says i'm blinded, just because of the horrid things we both went through.

In my mind you hold my hands, we are together at long last.

Theres something in your eyes that begged me to be near to you. 



A warm loving look, a beautiful smile. Yeah, other girls saw this before me, but even so, it doesnt really bother me.

Because to me, you opened up, for me you became a man.

They watched you toy with others, while with me we grew up as much as we can.




Basically distance won't kill us, it is what makes our relationship tougher, but as you told me, we are stronger.

Darling oh darling, just hold onto me, cause i wanna tell you something out of all my honesty.




I don't care if i have to put up with your emotions, its just a cup of moods, with a beautiful dash of romance, and an entree of mean and playful teases.

You have those hot looks, but thats not important.

No, what matters is not what features you carry on your face, or what amount you carry in the pocket.

I love you not cause of those things, but that imprefect personality which you hold inside. 




KindredSpirit's picture

You write very well

Your Ashu is a lucky guy.


PersistentLassie's picture

Yes he is.

thank you again.