Emotional Complications (Rant towards Stress)




With you i'm a helpless romantic, a loving helpless freak. Without you my feelings play that childhood game everyone called hide and seek.

They come out when your around and when your gone they can't be found. 

Its as if someone said, okay you can come out, as if they check first if your even there---but if they say okay, never mind; they leave with no time to spare.

I wait patiently for your response, for you to make me smile if i break down and start to cry. that's what youve always done for me, but your taking longer and why?

Stress how i hate you, if you were a man i wouldnt ever date you. But then again, who would, whoever would want to, and who should?

Taking so much time to leave; as if your packing to go, but when you will really be gone, we won't exactly know.

I want to throw things at you, your taking control in my head my partners head, everyone dealing with it, you control everything!

I want to scream at you, let my feelings go in the shape of something sharp, i want them to just hit you.

Your like a brother to anxiety, together you come as something all mighty.



Alas! Then....

Then my darling........man i love, he comes in. My rant has come to a pause...man i love Rests his arm around my neck, and notices my troubled look, and that sharp sparkle in my eyes.

They well up, that i cannot hide from my dearest, my love.

Emotions have come to life again, like a spell taking place, they are like invisible people floating and dancing around me, heck thats my imagination.

My cry, i fight you back, keep my mouth shut, biting my tongue, but the lover i love holds my hand insisting i let it out. 

Deep inhale and exhale, hoping God can let this one go away.... No, im trying to let it run away, but within my body it stays.... Then... Oh there you go, you come out from hiding as i weep tears cry out my sorrows......

Stress.... Leave me be. Please.  I dont need this from you now.....

Emotions, your a complication i myself cannot explain, even though you are my own. Your complicated, as am I. 



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Really like this


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Thank you.

Thank you.