Self harm/Suicide


I don't want to cut myself

But to me it seems so hard

It's been so many years

Of bad habits

Of masochism

Of finding release in the

Most awkward places

And the blade has been my

Only, lonely friend

For so dam long

And the blood, I can still


It on my tender tongue

Metal and sin

It's so hard to abstain

I can just close my eyes

See it drip, drip, dripping,

It drives me insane

For a release

Like you've never felt

It takes me away

On a sea of blood

In the Hills of Tranquility

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You can abstain from many diffrent things. This poem is about the struggle I am endouring trying to give up something dear, and comfortable to me, something that is all I've ever known. Self Mutilation.

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Crystal Hecklinger's picture

hi hun, i just wanted to tell you that i understand were you are coming from because i myself have gone threw this, and as much as you want it, you must fight it, because in the end it could kill you, me and my best friend use to do this, and well i lost her 3 days ago because she didnt know she cut too deep... so please think about your love ones... i have been clean of this for 2 years now, and it feels good to know that im strong enough to fight the graving... keep in touch~!

Kerrie Irwin's picture

This is a great poem. Not only because I can share these feelings with you, but the way it's written just captures me.