Stay Focused

My Poems

Leave one to wander and
They'll release thoughts
brought forth while
Choosing mood to be somber when
The change that will come
When all work is done
Out yonder
New sparks can arise
When battling flames are doused
Leaving one to think about
Adding lumber.
It's then one starts to wonder
About the choices to be made
Half closed fist,  palm to chin
One finger raised!
Tempted distractions are temporary satisfactions add these facts in and you'll be lacking justification for your actions.
Stay focused!
Being greedy will always proclaim you to be needy.
Must not let thoughts of one might spread get to your head.
That situation of assumptions and accusations will only lead to frustration
Creating limited communications and visitations.
Stay focused!

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lyrycsyntyme's picture

The path is fraught

..with glittery bait, indeed.


I really love the line "being greedy will always proclaim you to be needy". Boy, how many studies have backed up what eyes such as yours have seen. Give a man a million dollars and he needs 2. Give a man a billion and...yea. The focus must be kept, for sure. Wisdom.