Sitting With Stars


Just wait. 

It will happen soon,

just like this:


Branches untether the 

rising moon—

unmoored, unselfed, I come

to know its quartz



Tree song, water song,

owl song 

and all God's other voices:

the soundtrack to our

true being.


Yes, it looks like pain, 

this stumble between

birth and death,

but what I chose, actually, 

was full immersion

in deep living, and

what is better 

than what is real

if it leads to

this rising? 



various skies and moons

stroll on the water,

pondering something, 

perhaps notions

like these.


Keep me here, mirror 

of endlessness and fire. 


I keep vanishing into 

the illusion, but

I'm back 

and I'm staying this time

in the fever of a joy

I still don't understand;

I only know

love is possible,

and enough.


And so I'll sit,

star-laden and night-hazed—

the view from here 

dripping with dreams

and a few things real 

under so many promises,

within a galaxy that

sees God.


Patricia Joan Jones



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Nightime Reveries

What a journey.

You unfold your dispositions well while immersing yourself within a blooming eve.

Confident understandings, paved with sound footholds. 

Marination of the grand gala of things that are present with you, as well as the omnipresent things around you.

Reminds me of Ralph Waldo Emmerson writing with a spiritual dial turned up.

Very deep and rich. Bravo.



"The stars awaken a certain reverence, because though always present, they are inaccessible; but all natural objects make a kindred impression, when the mind is open to their influence." R.W.E.


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a joy

A joy to read each word, visually stimulating of the moon and the songs and the pain between life and death.  I must work harder on my poems to bring some of the cosmic starward was talking about.  Love this


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I love your style of poetry.

I love your style of poetry. I should get over to your page more often, but I'm a bit overwhelmed these days. Thank you kindly for taking the time to read and leave such uplifting feedback. It means so much. 

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Yes I understand that. My new phrase is, Just one more thing to do. I'm usually crying when I say it but Im now looking at it as a joke tagline to my life. And I am a great fan of your poetry.  Thank you for your support.

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I love how you show up. You,

I love how you show up. You, that still, small voice, like the water song, like the tree song... another one of God's voices in the soundtrack of our true being... And I am so glad that you chose full emersion because you are dripping with dreams from your baptismal and like a single star in a dark night or even a single flicker in a dark room, you call into focus... You shine! 

patriciajj's picture

Thank you for embracing my

Thank you for embracing my message with such transcending wisdom, appreciation and beauty. You are a bright star. Love and every blessing.

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This is one of Patriciajj's

This is one of Patriciajj's most cosmic poems---a genre she has made her own on postpoems, and a genre she commands with all the skill and ease of a highly prepared cosmologist.  The poem's center of gravity is the last stanza.  It justifies the poem that contains it, and the collection that inhabits:  that stanza is one of the centerpieces of her entire work.  The first stanza tells us that this poem is a choreography of verbal motion; and I, personally, love the second stanza's description of the moon.  This is a ballet of words, like the chartered movements of the solar system and the galaxy that contains it are a stellar ballet that exists---I truly believe---for our edification and admiration; and this poem exists, also, for those purposes.  That is why ithe poem is so cosmic.  In my own belief, which I do not propose to debate here because it need not be imposed on anyone else, we are alone in this cosmos---created to be its consciousness, its appreciators, made of the very elements that are assembled in stars cores; made to be the "personhood" of the cosmos as the soul is the personhood of the flesh.  But we are not, innately, well prepared for this function; it is not just handed to us, we are expected to prepare ourselves, to explore (even if from an armchair or a viewscreen), to contemplate.  Cosmologists help us with this; Poets, who are also cosmologists, help us even more.  Some writers will give us current events, or what happened at the last regular meeting of Aunt Periwinkle's garden club; and these things are as forgettable as yesterday's breakfast.  But cosmic Poets, like Patricia, introduce us to, and interpret for us, the Cosmos itself---revealing its meaning degree by degree, as in one of the old mystery religions, which were the tentative reachings of antiquity toward what they suspected, but could not prove, as a cosmic function.  The myths composed by the ancient Poets named and constellated the stars.  But the successors of those Poets, one of whom is a member of postpoems---Patriciajj---now takes us to a new level of understanding, telling us not only what to understand, but how to understand it.  And she does it with the most skilled, artistic, and consummate verbal beauty:  this is Poetry has Art not Gush or Grope or good old GeeWhiz.  This is real Poetry with a real purpose, a real meaning, as cosmic as the universe and yet as near, and as immediate, as the screen on which you read it.  And I have the immense satisfaction to realize, yet again (and as I do with every poem she posts) that every comment I have made about her Poetry---her adroit expressions and her very agile comprehension of what matters---is, at very best, a respectful understatement.  She is better---greater---finer---than any words of mine can describe or explicate.  It is a privilege, an experience, and an education to read her Poetry.


[* /+/ ^]

patriciajj's picture

As always, I'm stunned and

As always, I'm stunned and deeply moved by your amazing power to discern and articulate the essence of a poem—not only mine but the poems of anyone fortunate enough to be graced with a comment by you. I couldn't rave enough about how uplifting and exquisite your analogies are or the fulfillment I receive when someone precisely hits the target of my intention. 


My boundless gratitude and sincere respect. 


Starward's picture

In addition to being one of

In addition to being one of your most important and significant poems, it is also one of the most important and significant poems that I have read since I began reading poetry, way back in 1973.


[* /+/ ^]

patriciajj's picture

Thank you kindly. You're such

Thank you kindly. You're such an encouragement. 

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basking in Gods

basking in Gods creation,pondering and living life to it`s fullest

your soul being one with nature

ron parrish

patriciajj's picture

Thank you for your gorgeous

Thank you for your gorgeous analysis of my journey and thank you for your support. 

word_man's picture

you`re welcome

you`re welcome

ron parrish