Chess Mate

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I am battling with the exact
mirror image of myself
through the eyes of you.

Whenever, I think it is okay,
your thoughts are intermingled
with mine and chaos arises.

When chess mate should occur,
the game is changed,
not according to the divine plan.

It is certain my mind would not entertain
such negative ideals exhibited,
so get with the program on schedule.

Let us set the record straight,
love is in my heart, genuine and pure,
hate will not be chosen.

Tests are not necessary for a warrior,
even though you may believe it so,
unlock me from this prison created.

Break down illusionary walls that surround,
let the veil crumble into nothingness,
reveal truth inside my soul who grieves.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Channeled to me from my higher self / God.

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