it must have been

in the feeling of peeling

back the personality

when a calmness that moved outward

from the inside

gave in

it must have been

between the climb of creativity

and the thaw of originality

that pride bowed to dignity's whim

only that is when

I saw today through the hijacked hindsight

of tomorrow's omnipotent wind

and longed more

and even more so

to pen

the thoughts of those inhabitants of forever

to better offer the broadest possible canvas

to the limited life revealed

in such great complex flaw

with the physical blend

living is a reward worn well

upon the ever gracious acting soul

so one must ever treasure

the abundant possibilities

lain out before us

but do so carefully examine and critique

those found flanked in formidable sin


(Jan 10.2004 315am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

about how I found more and more of my own soul when I seriously delved into my own being to be a better poet.

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Starward's picture

In over thirty years of reading poetry, this is one of the most impressive poems about being a poet that I have ever read. I wish it had been available to me back in Autumn of 75, when the thought that I could be poet first went off in my mind, and in 76 when I began making my first tentative (and very lame) attempts. This poem would have been very helpful. In fact, I can truly say that this is the poem every young poet should read and study for what it says about becoming a poet. And, I freely admit, I could not write this well when I was your age.


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