Three Trillion

~Three Trillion~


There are three trillion trees on earth,

so if you see a homeless bird

don't worry about it. The bird is good

with where it's at. But if it makes you feel better

to build it a house to hang in your back yard,

knock yourself out. Besides, you paid a lot of money

for all those tools in your garage.

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I like how this poem invites

I like how this poem invites people to be useful and aware of our interactions within our habitat. Thanks for sharing.

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I enjoyed the irony of the

I enjoyed the irony of the final two lines.

   Great poem.

Enjoy effulgent days, and exquisite nights,

unto the exultations of Heaven.

J9thxciv [fkna, Starward], 

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Did you know that the

Did you know that the majority of birds don't even nest in trees? For example, the Belted Kingfisher digs a tunnel in the ground (I just learned that one yesterday, having a Belted Kingfisher visiting the pond by my cabin). Red-winged Blackbirds tend to nest in cattails. Warblers and Sparrows generally nest in bushes and shrubs.


Some birds do prefer human advancement, though. Starlings have nested in the roofing of my chicken coop, and in a gap within the roof of a garage at my mom's. When I lived in the city, starlings thrived for this reason. Also, there is a type of martin in France that is famous for building it's nest on the wall of houses that have existed since the middle ages. A friend of mine moved to France and into one of these ancient towns, and they come and nest on all of the houses each year. Adaptability is amazing.