Fred works in the basement of a funeral home.

He puts bodies in boxes,

then slides them into the oven. 


When the cremation is finished

Fred opens the oven, allows it to cool,

then pulls the bone fragments into a tray

using a push broom. He tries to get all of it.


Fred uses a magnet to find and remove metal

that might be present, then pours the bones

into the grinder and turns it on.


He has no reason to tell anyone that the ash they scatter

is actually bone. Fred is kind, that way.

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lyrycsyntyme's picture

Wow, is that true? What a

Wow, is that true? What a stirring thing to write. Somehow, you managed to write it in the tone of "Fred", or so I feel. I don't know that I could do that, with such content.

Stephen's picture

Interesting and rather funny in a gruesome sort of way.

--- Stephen