Night Cloud

~Night Cloud~


I saw a clown,

and the moon was his belly.


He wore a wide grin,

while his stride was so long

his belly couldn't keep up,

and was left behind.


His head whirled and stretched

east east east

as his feet stepped west,


and now that he's gone

and spread himself too thin,

he's damned to stray,

lost forever.

If a clown can't find his way
out of this big-top
I don't stand a chance.
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lyrycsyntyme's picture

What an imagining and

What an imagining and emotional reflection. Very spectacular a write.

owlcrkbrg's picture


for reading and commenting. I'm glad you like it.

"There is no good writing, only good editing."

lyrycsyntyme's picture

You're welcome :)

You're welcome :)