A Curse


I, I put a curse upon your life,


Not to induce pain or strife,


But so that everyone around you may be blessed,


That everyone goes east


while you stay west


That everybody conquers, and everyone prevails,


Where your life stations,


And your life fails.




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I like this poem, but I am

I like this poem, but I am not sure what "west" represents to you, or to the poem.  Would you explicate this for me?


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thanks for reading my poem, I

thanks for reading my poem, I used it as a term to say that while everyone is going one way, he stays where he is. Theres no political or religious undertone if it seemed that way. Thanks again.

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This curse

It might have been better if I didn't read this. Now things are falling apart. And I am in the West apparently being conquered. Dangit. I should not read curses.





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