You Need To Know

Romeo Franco


Can I be honest with you?


I have a little secret,

if you haven't noticed,

one I need off my chest,

cause I desire it so much,

but know it could never be,

unless you feel the same for me.


I'm crushing on you!

I'm falling in love with you!

Dumb right! Strange!

We don't know one another,

yet I have strong feelings for you.


Why? Again?

I've always had crushes,

I've always ended up hurt,

but you are different,

you care for your kids,

you have a heart,

you are sweet & kind,

with an attitude,

but its understandable.


I don't care for your past,

I don't care for your baby mama's,

I want to get to know you,

the real you & craziness,

I guess you could say,

you need to know,

I'm think you are amazing!

I like you & want you to know!

If not, than let me go.

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zebrablack's picture

zebra black

Its as if i was reading a letter to me,,,haahaahaa   Nice hopeful love letter  Hope it works out :)