“Prey” for Me

I searched for you through the endless expanse of nights long blackness, the shimmering light from a crescent moon offered little help in my quest for your elusive form, as the pale light dimly lit inconspicuous objects and cast shadows of their beautiful contours upon the ground to thwart my pursuit at every turn. Radiant eyes peered at me from within the cover of darkness, and mysterious intonations and melodic resonance echoed into the night air, confusing my sense of direction until I was lost in a maze within your protective purlieu.


Fighting my frustration and fear that I may never look upon your majestic beauty, hold your rapturous warm body against my cool skin, nor savor the taste of you on my tongue. I gathered what was left of my strength and resolve, and continued my silent pursuit.


Guided by my heart and uncontrollable emotions and hunger for you, I somehow broke free of the discountenance feints set upon me to mask your true course. the hunger within my heart and the vision of you brazed within my eyes, guided me toward your lingering essence and ultimately to where you now hide, deep within the confines of your sheltering den safely held tight within the cool moist earth.


As my long sleek form slithers into your place of refuge I strike and sink my teeth deep into your neck and as my coils embrace your supple body, I am overcome with powerful emotions emanating from your very being, and at that moment I knew my hunt was not in vain. to taste your sweet flesh wound be unlike any that has ever been known between predator and prey.




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You're good... really good.

You're good... really good. Can't wait to read more."Notapoet" my A**! ;)

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