Misery Loves Company

I sit watching and waiting,

Nerves tender to the touch

As anxiety and worry pound through my brain

And threaten to push their way  

Out in the form of a hollow cry

Of anger and despair.


I clutch my chest

As if to prevent the blood

From leaking out

From my now bleeding heart.


Confusion and anger

Drove my fist to palm;

As if to pound out the reasons

for each emotions existence,

Knowing good and well

How thewere created.


They were born into me

After being raped

Of my once innocent mind,

Impregnated with the lies

And falseness of love.


And now as my soul tries to abort

The growing blackness within,

My mind struggles to focus

And come to terms that

This reality is my own creation.


So I continue to wait:

Eyes fixed on the clock

And a hand ready for the phone.

Wondering if my love

Will ever again

come home






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Morningglory's picture

Beautiful and heartaching.

Beautiful and heartaching. You evoke emotions. I like your style.

Copyright © morningglory

allets's picture

Come Home

So much invested

in waiting for phone

calls, the heart

bleeds and agony

is the cause.


You left and I

am hollow. Come

home, fill me.


So much invested in

love. Reasons mean

nothing. Come