Leap of Faith

Forlorn in demeanor,

Thyself with heart in tatters.


Solemn and beseeched,

I'm near the edge

Of loves rapturous foreboding precipice.


Shall my torturous soul

Commit it’s self to the abyssal unknowns

Of sacrificial acquiescence to thee?


A force neither trustworthy nor forgiving

As it warms chilled hearts

And sooths with passionate death.


Unwitting those of lesser toils within,

True to their salvation,

But blind to its deceit

And give reverence to thee.


Alas shall I not gaze into eyes of splendor

Nor taste passion upon sweet lips?


Forsake the essence of purity sought,

And forgo righteous happenings within thy being.


To this unknown I ponder

And thus negates my apotheosis of thee.


Enlighten my sorrowful remnants of gayety

And subservient obedience to thee

As was once remembered.


At this I shall take that leap of faith

And boldly plunge thyself into the depths


Of your infinite sanctity

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Another beauty. Are you sure

Another beauty. Are you sure you're notapoet?

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