Doing Time….

As I sit alone in my cell,

My mind starts to dwell,

On the fact that I’m still here

Trapped in my own hell.


Alone and imprisoned

By my own fear,

As I continue my sentence

Year after year.


My own prison I’ve built

Out of my own depression and shame,

Unwilling to forgive

I have only myself now to blame.


The foundation was laid

From my mistakes and bad choices,

Bonded and strengthened

By all the angry condemning voices.


The walls are built high,

Solid and stout

To insure that I never

Climb or break out.


Though my crimes were not evil

To be punishable by death

Sometimes I imagine it so

That I can breathe my last breath.


Loneliness and heartache

Are two things I know well,

Along with sorrow and pain

That keep me confined to my cell.


One day I may be pardoned

And finally set free,

From the emotional chains

That are now binding me.


When that day comes

Will I be reformed and made whole?

Or in this cell will I stay


Another condemned and lost soul?

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nightlight1220's picture

I have a ton of advice and

I have a ton of advice and knowledge on this...and even many ideas that would help the issue...that I will keep very graciously to myself. Because there are so many "all knowing smarter people" who think they are doing the right thing in the current system. I curse the lies that hold them hostage to themselves.

But please keep writing!!! I love seeing poems on this subject!


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


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Another good one. Darn those

Another good one. Darn those walls we built to imprison ourselves. I'm a master craftsman, I've built really thick ones, with heavy chains for myself. Learning to tear them down slowly so I can break free. Getting better at it. Chains are a still little tight though.

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