Candle Light

Candle light breaks 

the lonely dark night,

Silhouettes of lovers 

embrace one another tight,

Loves uncontrollable force 

they are unable to fight.


Passionate kisses 

they begin now to share,

As a ribbon is pulled 

from silken soft hair,

their hunger and lust 

fill the summer night air.


Bodies intertwined 

in throes of pleasure,

reaching a state of ecstasy 

which is without any measure,

feeling weightless and free


light as a feather.

Heartbeats quicken

As inhibition erodes,

Bodies shutter with bliss

As Intimacy explodes

Breathless and spent

As their universe implodes.


Gentle caresses are shared

As they look in one another’s eyes,

Not a single word is spoken

Just the sound of joyful sighs,

Both lost in a world of splendor

As the candle light finally dies.

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grandmomof3's picture

Beautiful love. :)

Beautiful love. :)