Starlight, Star bright…..

I recited the words

To the first star at night

And hoped and prayed

That I got them all right


I now lay awake and ponder

If my words were even heard

How is my lonely heart

To be made self-assured


Do wishes really come true?

Am I just fooling myself?

Do I put the broken pieces of my heart

Back high upon the shelf


I close my eyes to sleep

As confusion and dismay set in

For at least within my dreams

My hearts whole once again


The sunlight breaks

My night’s merciful sleep

And I remember my wish

In its belief I am set on to keep


I’ve patiently waited

Day after day

And night after night

I also did pray


The time did come

When my wish was finally heard

And happiness was now possible

And my broken heart was cured


I know it is now possible

For miracles and wishes to come true

This was revealed to me finally


That day I met you…..

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You write beautifully, sir,

You write beautifully, sir, notapoet. Really enjoying the reading. Feels like your words want to inspire me to write, but my pen just won't do what I want it to right now. :/ Anyway, looking forward to reading more... Welcome to PP, by the way!

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thank you so much for your

thank you so much for your comments and kind words and taking the time to read my words. It's support like yours fellow poet which gives me inspiration to keep writing.

Some Thoughs run deep Like a well

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Seems some of your words did

Seems some of your words did entice me to write tonight. (blazingly inviting) Finally have had a few moments where the ink started moving. Thanks for your part in that. :) I look forward to reading more of your words.

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