Waiting on you

I’m waiting on you

And I'm being very patient

To show you my love

Is my only intent


The hours and minutes

Tick by unmercifully slow

And my anticipation for your touch

Just seems to grow and grow


Unable to focus

My thoughts are only of you

As the hours pass into days

My red heart fades to blue


I yearn for you intensely

As those days turn into weeks

My life seems meaningless without you

Your presence my soul now seeks


Weeks have evolved into months

And my sadness I can hardly bare

I feel as though I’m fading

Into the nothingness I now stare


Desperation and heart ache

Months now have become a year

Losing you forever

Was my deepest dark fear


You left without reason

With out even a warning

Now in the stillness of this place

I find myself mourning


But today I stand at your grave

And realize now it must be

That you’re the one who now


Is patiently waiting for me….

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a.griffiths57's picture

Waiting for you:


Your poem expresses well the yearning for your loved one and the patients you'll need to wait for them. The poem is also so sad in outcome, with your loved one waiting for you in enternity. Melancholly poem but well written and a good read I enjoyed reading your poem.