The princess Bride

He came in the night

Hearing the wish you did plead

Your WHITE knight in shining armor

High atop his white steed


His armor did shine

With a pleasing white light

As visions of hope

Filled the lonely dark night


Features so striking

But gentle and smooth

The warmth of his smile

Of his gallantry it did prove


He vowed to protect you

To vanquish any foe

His loyalty and honor

Unlike any you’ll ever know


Your wish had been granted

And your plea had been heard

To think it’s all a dream

At this point would be absurd


You took his strong hand

And he swept you away

Bold and flamboyant

In that old world way


You’re now his fairytale princess

But his love on you he did not shower

Trapped like the poor maiden

Who had been locked in the tower  


Unhappily ever after

You now live a storybook life

You fell for his facade

And now you’re his prisoner and wife


He protects by controlling

He’s violent and cruel

To believe in real life fairytales

Has made you look like a fool


So be careful what you wish for

Sometime they may come true

But they may not always turn out


Exactly how you want them to…

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The Princess Bride is my

The Princess Bride is my favorite movie of all time. Remember... it was not the prince she was in love with, but the farm boy. ;-)

Copyright © morningglory

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One of My Favorites Too

Please, he said. But

what he meant was

this is a great gig

sweetie, let's go

on an adventure.


Buttercups are yellow

Montoya's are Spanish

My dreamscape is filled

with rodents of exceptional

size and pitted fire. I

don't think they exist

but I am a dreamer

who screams in the mind



~Lady A~