A Shadow of Doubt

I try to be strong

To hold onto my belief

That soon I will be free

From all of this grief


Solid and true

Is my resolve and my will

But that unknowing dark force

Continues to follow me still


I know it’s a manifestation

I’ve created and given life

As it cuts through my defenses

Like the sharp blade of a knife


It threatens to do harm

To all I have built

By delivering that blade

All the way to the hilt


But I know in my heart

My skin is too thick

And my nerves are aware

My reactions to quick


So cautiously I move

Aware of its presence and threat

Creating this darkness

I will always regret


In my mind I try forgetting

Try shutting it out

But I guess there is no escaping

My shadow of doubt

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This is good

Can so relate

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