Always Such A Blessing

Always such a blessing, just to dream you're here with me.

A total inspiration, it will always prove to be.

Your grace among my presence, and your beauties in the light.

It's truly such a blessing, just to dream of you tonight.


Love, it's what I'm feeling. It's the message in the song.

Among your sweet affections, it's the place where I'd be strong.

Too bad I'm always dreaming, where there's not too much instore.

Oh, always such a blessing. Could I ask, my dear, for more?

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Good poem

I like how all the lines flowed together
Your pretty good
A lotta talent

A mirror is all that is ever wanted from a shadow

new_wave_franky's picture

Thanks so much for your kind comments.

Thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful comments. I'm just glad that you took the time to read this and found it worthwhile. I was mainly just attempting to express my true feelings of complete praise and admiration for someone. Someone who has become very close to my heart. Your words are very inspiring to me, and I thank you again for your critique.



March 21, 2011.