pretend, love, that you love me

pretend, love, that you love me.

come pretend, now, that you care.

pretend now that true lovin'

is the kind you're here to share.

pretend that it's forever,

and it's epic and of soul.

pretend, love, that you love me,

...yeah, pretend you love me so.

pretend there ain't no riddles,

nor no questions in the dark.

pretend it's only blind now,

and it's deeply from the heart.

pretend that it's alive now,

and obsession's claimed your name.

pretend, love, how you love me,

...yeah, pretend a love insane.

life is made to fake it...and we all just wear a mask.

youth is on the run now...and the years are passing fast.

love is ours to make we try and make it last.

pretend, my love, you love me,

...say i'll never have to ask.

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ApandaRae's picture

This poem is very intriguing. I absolutley love it. The way you wrote it was very deep and intense, and I couldn't help but to read it more than once. Keep up the good work