We live in a kingdom of golden butterflies and silver angels.

We drink wine from the ages and fill tablets with prose.

We play both rugby and polo, and we also play tennis.

(Chess once in a great while, but why be at war...?)

We weeve jeeps through the country, pack our digitized cameras.

We take sharp clear photos of the vast country setting of antelope and elk.

We listen to classical music in the evenings, and sculpture our passions in the wet northern clay.

No greater critics than the critics we are of the gifts in our hands.

Timeless legends in our own minds, but better than no legends at all.

We look greatly young for our age but we ponder love's wisdoms.

I fear I'm yet saved but you teach me salvation.

Read about dragons and mystical fortunes.

Play princess and prince from a long ago story.

Romantic delation, all true for the fantasized ponders of seasonal glee.

This is my kingdom and I am still here to tell you I love you.

Ageless the thought that you're always a child.


We abide by the truth.

It's a wonderful place, but something is so very missing.

Could someone please tell me,

should they know what it is?

There is a beauty beyond our years, and beyond the tears.

A contemporary magic among us.


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Lesa Gay's picture

Jeffrey I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to get back to your wonderful work. I hope you have been well. In answer to your question of what is missing ...
perhaps someone that is truly loved to share it with. Great work.


poetvg's picture


i just had to read it :*)