She's a really fine dancer...

can't ya see her on the floor?

She leaves pop culture tips...

yeah, the kind I explore

and as for her lips..."wetter whistles" instore

but she don't even know me

...I can't take it no more!!

She's a hard knockin' lover...

can't ya hear her at the door?

She's got fit action hips...

yeah, the kind I adore.

and as for kiss...all the same like before

come honey, come and show me

...say there's somethin' instore!!


I'm nothin' but a strummer...in a five man band

gunnin' out my thunder...

'nother blues club stand

but never has the girl...ever rocked my role

Baby, can ya hear me?

Say, baby, wing it near me...

...Got me outta control!!

oh, yeah,

She's my...secret heart-throb

She's my crazy...

lovin' gone wild

She's my...secret heart-throb

She's my vanity child


She's my pulp of perspire, yeah, yeah


She's the one I admire, yeah, yeah

Still in search

of my promisin' pearl

I'm in view

of my heart-throb girl

Still in hope that her touch will unfurl

Still in hope that the beat will endure

I'm in love with my heart-throb girl

Come on honey, won't ya open your world?



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yeah, it was rather difficult to write, I'd say. I tried to make it crafty...not really dirty. If it comes across too dirty...it probably fails, ya know. But it's meant to sound sincere at the same time. I just want it to be a fun song, but am afraid to play it.

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David Kapp's picture

Very nice, i like the flow of this one

thanks for the critique btw