Welcome now the feeling

that the whole thing's good to go

Welcome now the fever

churning deeper in the soul

Welcome non-believers set to star within the show.

Welcome the sensation well beyond my own control.

Welcome Billy Corgan sending smiles back your way

Welcome bright tomorrows that got lost, and went astray

Welcome Misfit Bullets with their wings in stranded flight

Welcome youthful visions burning candles through the night.

So, will they leave us bitter...full of dire thoughts of spin?

And will we trace the meaning...or just take it on a whim?

To find us now in hiding...all like poured cement again?

Welcome my departure...no, I couldn't let you in.

Somewhere now Old Zero cracks a smile on his face

Deceptive all my fortunes, watch me gently fall from grace

Old faith now in the distance, and a prayer to go and hide

Welcome one more mile...one more mile for the ride.

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