I challenge you, my darling...just to see behind these shades.

I challenge you, my darling...just to rest me in these shaves.

Take me down, as lover,

shame these eyes unlike no other.

Oh, I challenge you to see...

I challenge you, sweet darling...just to look behind the glass.

I ask you now, sweet darling...just to fall me in your grasp.

Look inside, as lover,

tame my eyes just like a mother.

How I challenge you, you see...

Not wasted to the vision...I can see your love that shines.

Sweet light, it's on a mission...and your touch that's on my mind.

Yet darkened by the shatters...I can touch your love so blind.

Come weather all what matters...find the truth you're out to find.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Metaphorical poem about blind and unconditional love. To see through the jive...and see directly into the heart. One thing about me, I have this kind of love. It is God's love...a most wonderful love, ya know. If you can see through this will understand the love here. You must look beyond your own see a love that's true.

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