Versions of peace rent the eyes of a child.

Chastity shines in the hearts of the young.

You were in tune down my path when you dialed.

You, like a song that the seasons had swung.

Clear-eyed, in wander of ripened illusion,

Emmeline looms; whitest dove on the wing.

Lending our eyes rays of bliss through the fushion.

Love, like the bell; sweet corrolla of Spring.

23 years kept in purity's grace,

storing the ways of the sun on her face.

23 years kept in purity's pride,

glowing a love that her world denied.

Crafting our thoughts to confess her a rhyme.

Knowing too well it would all fade to time.

Holding it true through quantitative view.

She held the rites to our portals anew.

23 years with another to follow.

Making her way down a path to tomorrow.

23 years, but a stroll through the day,

keeping instride 'til it slides her away.

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Lesa Gay's picture

I decided to pay a visit at just the right time because I think 'New' appeared beside this title as I was enjoying another of your writes.

I love your versitility in your writes, your way of being able to show true emotion, your wisdom. In other words my sweet poet friend, pretty darned good!!