Blissful Be The Season

So blissful be the season, for the reason now is love.

New doves all up and winging, through the morning skies above.

Such joys now overflowing, with our dreams to share as one,

for love it has awakened, full of promise 'neath the sun.


So pleasant now our valley, bringing hope throughout the day.

The pathway ours to follow, but our hearts to show the way.

Such glories, now they've found us. Skies abright enhance the view.

Of love shared in the spirit, ever present, ever true.


So gentle now the setting, as we nestle by a tree,

reciting rhyming verses, while the music plays for free.

Just to tell you that I love you, now the only words to say,

while inspired in the knowing, love's true promise fills the day.


So blissful be the season, for in love we've now become,

to welcome now these feelings, with each new one set to come.

Such peace now felt within me, while I hold your hand in mine.

Among your priceless presence, love's clear beauties now to shine.


Such glowing, vibrant colors, now we'll come to be among.

The thought we might be dreaming, soon it comes to prove us wrong.

For what has now awakened, it's alive throughout this bliss.

Within each new caressing, life all falls into a kiss.


So swept within these blessings, as our love's to be the flame.

My voice it comes to shaking, as I praise your precious name.

A tender moment follows, as we both forget the place.

We then lose ourselves together, in the warmth of our embrace.

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Thank You so much...

Thank You so much. I sincerely appreciate your kind feedback on my poem. I am so glad that you enjoyed this, and found it worthwhile. Thanks again, and take care.




December 25, 2018.