If The Dreamer Still Be Dreaming

If the dreamer still be dreaming,

will white doves soon fill the skies?

If the dreamer still be dreaming,

will no teardrops fill the eyes?

For the dreams of breeze-like motions,

found you present, here among.

Ways of blissful, shared emotions,

brought the season into song.


Shall this vision ode to glory,

come awake inside the light,

where deep passion writes the story,

in the sunshine clear and bright?

'Cause the scenes relate to feelings,

ever tender through the heart,

to awaken love's revealings, 

while your gracings play a part.


More than dreams, might they awaken,

for the sake of all that's true?

More than dreams, can't be mistaken,

should all doubts, dear, fade from view.

For the dreams bring forth the promise,

of love's cleansings, oh so near.

Skies of white doves here among us,

should the dream of dreams appear.

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daydream believer

I'm dreaming of white doves filling the sky bringing peace to all our lives. :)

Copyright © morningglory

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Thank you so much...

Thank you so much for your kind and inspiring words in relationship to my poem. I truly appreciate the time you took to both read and comment on this. Take care.



New Wave Franky

April 22, 2018.