I Woke Up Wanting to Hold You

Well, I woke up wanting to hold you,

in blue shadows of the dawn.

Yes, I woke up wanting to hold you.

I'd forgotten you were gone.

And my eyes closed ever tightly,

while the tears all flooded out.

Your warm grace here once beside me,

found my new day now in doubt.


Yeah, I woke up wanting to hold you,

like some child far from home.

Words of praise I once had told you,

they cried out now all alone.

And they drowned within the stillness,

with your heartbeat far away.

All life's hopes that once fulfilled me,

they'd now slipped inside the gray.


How my love still calls sincerely,

in true ways just like before.

But to think you're now not near me,

hints more heartache lies instore.

For so clear remains the knowing,

that your comforts touch my soul.

Love alive still meant for flowing,

where blue shadows take their toll.

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This is the 7th one I've read

This is the 7th one I've read all that once.. i am beguiled and in awe.... your writing is phonetically beautiful and your imagery is arresting... I've noticed... i think... that you use 8 syllables and then 7 and then 8 and 7 and so forth.... that's incredible... okay yup I'm in love with your work

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Thank you so much!

I truly appreciate your warm and uplifting critique on my work. I am highly moved by your encouraging compliments, and am so glad that you enjoyed this, and came to see it in such a positive and pleasant kind of a way. I recall working on it quite a bit, and  I remember just hoping for it to come across as sincere and heartfelt to my overall emotions. Your kind and thoughtful comments are extremely inspiring to me. Thank you so much!