His Mistress

Pretty computer,

   I'm sleeping alone again tonight.

Does my kitten get tired too?

   I bet she does.

My love's mistress,

She can go all night.

Some of us exhaust however.

Some of us must support more than our share.

Does he care that she'll never return

his devotion and love?

Probably not...

Will I have to walk away

before he feels me slipping?

Wandering, looking ot fill this


that shouldn't be there...

Maybe he feels she is more

deserving of his love,




Maybe mine isn't good enough,

She certainly is




the perfect escape.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Believe me, this hurt me in so many ways...he might as well have been having sex with someone else.

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Eric Cockrell's picture

sadness, bitterness... wrapped up in lonliness. good expose of the heart. well written. eric

Debbie Johnson's picture

Believe me, it hurts alot no matter the infidelity. Whether it is the computer, the phone, or having an affair, the hurt is as great no matter what. I have been through two of the above. He has never been a computer buff, but there have been plenty of other women. Thank you for sharing. :)