During the most terrible times of our lives

in the meanwhile of tiresome and fright!!

at the advent of completely resltless nights..

with every progress there's a fight..

and every achievement ,accompanied by cries..

harsh moments..and wide awake eyes

the hardest of the hardest challenging times..

papers,books,notes and files

tools that are responsible for our pride

things that controls our moves and minds


Hard work and tears!

some kind of disappoint and fear.

sometimes it is complicated and so not clear

i can't simplify it...i can't complete.

it needs encouragement needs cheer.

it needs someone who can imagine and feel,

moreover,can dream..

and yet to believe!!


sometimes it is easy..but then it is hard

but i knew that it would change early from the start


now i have nothing to do but to obey what i've come through

cuz it is my choice and it wasn't out of the blue...

i just wanted to become someone new..

achieve my dream through YOU!! 

But it is difficult and there's no clue..

sometimes it's false and sometimes it's true.


i break down and i frown

i cry and feel like i drown

in the deep ocean of thoughts

and the endless wide roads..

in the middle of a big forest of information



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Your right education can be a battle; not the knowledge itself, but circumstances surrounding it. You wrote a good piece here explaining the uselessness some of these oppresive barriers can be. I thought your writing enlightening.

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aw thank u so much 

aw thank u so much 

Nadine Magdy <3