we should be grateful to cameras

the only thing that keeps the memories.

and it is the only thing that keeps them alive

and for every picture you take ..

there's a memory that will never fade


cameras capture the best moments in our lives

moslty the happy ones,

and the ones that draw on our faces a smile 

sometimes while watching these pictures,that carry these old memories,

we might miss the past ,

and we might need to cry . 


thanks for who created this small little thing

the less it takes to capture a picture,

 the more flashback it brings !!!

A device that was wiser than us..

it succeeded to keep the memories and prevented their loss!!

although it has no mind,but it can save more memories than our minds


cameras always helped,

to remember alot of things

cameras try,

to save the best moments for life

camera's will always give us,

a happy,saved, and unforgotten live shots !!

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iwonderwho's picture

just a thought

posing for a second def beats posing for hours for a portrait. nice poem :)

if a person was really sad, but they had to take a group picture, and obviously they have to smile, so then snap! 

then when looking back at that picture, only that person would remember they were really sad. because other people would just think they're happy. so now i'm wondering out of all these pictures of smiling people, which ones are really happy? 

Nadine_18magdy's picture are right!! thanks are right!! thanks for your comment :)

Nadine Magdy <3