i will get a life

some people are the reason why

i want to scream and cry

i want to see how do I

look to you into your eye 

tell me now what would you like?

to see me humble or to see me sly ?

to find me selfish or someone that you can on her rely?

tell me when do you want me to frown and when to smile?

you are controlling my character and you're robbing my life 

i must admit that i gave you the chance to use me .and i can't deny

but i always have that fright

that can't get out of my mind

and it makes me weak ,slight and fragile..

although I,

 have the tendency to win and try 

 i always fail and i lose any fight

you always wanted to break me and wanted to see me losing my pride

but now I,

will wake up and i will refresh my survive

 because I ,

want for the first time,

 to feel everything's fine

if only freedom was something that i can hire!!

i would have have hired it for millions of miles..

i will be free and i will take all of my rights

i won't look back in time

or hesitate for a while

and if anyone ever dared to use me again,

i will set the world on fire

i will face those battles and those strikes

and my hands won't be again for anyone to bite

i will no longer be afraid at night

cuz finally i believe that i'm alive

i will set the freedom to my imaginative mind

to dream that i have wings and i can fly

happy,independant up in the sky

and revolve around the moon's light

i imagine to see myself  swim in the sky and dive

up there with the stars so high

finally i have my own life

now i will manage to paddle my own bike

with a cheerful,bright smile

and dreaming ,hopeful eyes

by the help of my,

new imaginative, free mind

yes that's what I,

will try, 

to get a life!!!!!


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Yeah, power to the Woman!

Yeah, power to the Woman! Kudos to you for taking control and carving your own path! :D

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yeah!! thanks !!

yeah!! thanks !!

Nadine Magdy <3