mechanics is my enemy

U were the reason for my sadness
U were the reason for my madness
i hated u like hell
and u hated me as well,
U were my nightmare
BUT,U made me stand still
although u were my enemy ,
U still wanted to help me .
i had no other choice
but i had to give my voice
i made up with U
and i believed U
U said U would take my hand
and there was no other chance
U kept UR promise
and i kept mine too
and now that i've passed
i never wanna see u
neither in my dreams nor in my daydreams.
see what U did to me????
u made me write a poem and about who?
ABOUT U !! isnt it weird? write about a subject ? yes it is and i know.
so sure U know that i still hate U
BUT that we're now done,
i beated UR ASS up !!!!!!

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