True Love



To love someone...Beyond mere words.

They're always on your Mind.

To CHERISH  them so completely...

The thought seems so sublime. 

But BLIND, and DEAF, and DUMB,

NEVER seeing any WRONGS.

It sings to us all through our veins.

Just like a gentle song.

Their walk, their eyes, that passion that rises.

By just a spoken word....

It touches us so intimately. 

Just like a Velvet Glove.

A Loving Caress.........That gives no rest.

Can Torture Given Time.


Where PASSIONS and FLAMES burn high!

"TRUE LOVE" shows our darkest hours.

And saves our lives at times.

Finds beauty in the World around.

Two hearts and souls combined.


Making the dreams we share come Alive!



Written and Composed By: Denise Hall


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for all true love soul mates.  

allets's picture

Has Jason Stopped

grinning yet? Nice sentimental journey - Recently someone described intimacy and I could not remember when I last was that close to anyone - always on my mind is the tip off - You are soooooo blessed. Have you read palewingedpoetess? She rocks ~slc~



PrincessDenise32's picture

Well...the thing is this

Jason and I are no longer together unfortunately his true love was alcohol and the same addictions that he had from a young age. I still talk to him daily and encourage him and counsel him as he  struggles through life life I just want to see good things to come for him. But just because you love someone with all your heart doesn't mean you can live with them or continue to enable them. Sometimes after so long a time of hoping and praying someone will change you find out that you cannot allow the  negativity and darkness that surrounds them and the toxicity of their life damage you anymore. I had to quit taking care of him so he would learn to take care of himself so he would learn to turn to God and learn to love himself. Now I have a new love his name is Joseph or Joey for short. My Man with the hands of gold , because everything that he has touched throughout his life has turned to gold so creative, his creativity mirrors my own and he is an inspiration. One could only pray and hope to find the number of qualities that we have found in each other the commonalities that are just endless. And for him to be a wonderful Christian man that's just icing on the cake.